Thursday, July 5, 2012

kitsch wish list

hello lovely,
i have a problem. in my heart i believe less is more. i want to live simply and have less clutter. BUT deep deep within i'm also obsessed with kitschy nick-nacks. i can't help it. i want an army or ceramic deer, any odd shaped planter you can think of, and everything in between. as you can see these are two very conflicting ideals. so, i will live out my kitschy dream here on the blog and save the husband some extra dusting. all of these can be found on etsy if you can't life without it. just save the plate for me please.
alyssa renee

1. deer 2. tomato 3. portrait 4. planter  5. trivets 6. adults only 7. spoon rest 8. plate 9. towel 10. kettle

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