Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a wild rumpus baby shower

hello lovely,
well our favorite indie rock baby was showered with love this weekend. cecilia donna had a where the wild things are themed shower complete with paper crowns, a wild rumpus, & her very own "autographed" copy of the book. we had a fun time rocking out to a baby girl themed play list and playing corn hole in the back yard. mom, dad & cecilia racked up some pretty nice gifts as well. the food was all cravings colleen's been having: chili, funfetti cupcakes, pineapples, & sour patch kids to name a few. a lovely time was had by all. now i just can't wait to hold the little love and kiss her sweet face. more shower posts coming soon. next weekend is my friend rachel's bridal shower. should be another fun afternoon with great friends. enjoy the pics. i made a few crafts as a gift for cecilia. my favorite is the sweet wreath below. i love how it turned out.
alyssa renee



 congrats mom & dad!

Monday, April 23, 2012

the most wonderful time of the spring approaches

hello lovely,
well it is almost that time again... the clinch river spring antique festival is May 4-5th! twice a year downtown clinton is filled with tents upon tents of thrifted treasures. last fall we got a group of girls together to attend and i am so excited to see who all comes out for the spring fest. i have to keep myself under control this year so i'm making a list of specific vintage pieces i really want. i will TRY and avoid pyrex & broaches but i make no promises.
here are a few must have items for me this year.
alyssa renee

baby shower pics coming soon!

a sassy yellow wall phone for my kitchen

a danish modern sideboard

small bookshelf for our living room

fun assorted plates for my kitchen plate wall

owl napkin holder... or maybe i just want to buy this one!

source: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5

Sunday, April 22, 2012

the producer bride

hello lovely,
i've been asked several times to post some of the things i made to help organize my wedding day. as most of you know, i'm an associate producer for a living. (you can check out my show here) so planning and organizing is a way of life for me. i made two massive lists for the wedding. the first was a master list where i took all of the "what to do when" lists form all the wedding magazines and blogs i had and made them into one document. the second was a day of schedule that organized when everything would happen on the wedding day. right down to my entrance at 6:07;08 pm. (making my wedding officially begin at 6:07;08 on 9.10.11... get it?) this is the list i'm going to share with you today. that way you can see what all you have to coordinate and about how much time to allot for each event. photographer's arrival, family photos, when to start the music, etc. hope this helps you get organized! don't forget to send this out to your vendors and wedding party a few days in advance. i made sure to list important contact numbers for each at the bottom of the list just in case.
alyssa renee

Walker/Maddox Wedding
September 10, 2011 at 6:00pm

Thursday, September 8th
Morning        All Occasions delivers and sets up tent
3:00pm        Bride and Groom massage at Aveda
Alyssa / Mom / whoever wants one get manicures at TBA time

Friday, September 9th
Morning        Niles and Doug pickup audio equipment and set up at Grandma & Grandpa’s
Mom picks up flowers from Ridge, Aunt Tina and anyone available helps arrange them in mason jars at Grandma & Grandpa’s at TBA time
5:30pm        Rehearsal
6:30-6:45pm          Big Boy’s BBQ delivered
7:00pm        Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, September 10th
Morning        Mom picks up bride’s bouquet from Ridge on the way to the ceremony site
                        Final setup of ceremony/reception site
10:30am      Laura arrives to do hair, Bridesmaids arrive at Grandma’s House
11:ooam        Photographer arrives for photos
2:00pm        Bridal/Bridesmaids photos
3:00pm        Groomsmen and ring bearers arrive to get ready, Alyssa’s parents and grandparents ready to take photos solo with her
4:30pm        Groomsmen photos, Niles’ parents ready to take photos solo with him
5:30pm        Harpist begins playing
5:45pm        Groomsmen begin to cross the cove. Once they arrive, come to house to meet bridesmaids.
5:55pm        Seating of the parents and grandparents
6:00pm        Niles enters, Wedding Party entrance
6:07:08pm Bride & Daddy-o enter
The Ceremony
-        Welcome
-        Daddy-o gives away the bride
-        Papa says a prayer
-        Taylor reads
-        Amy reads
-        Letters from Bride and Groom
-        Rings/Vows
-        Kiss and Dismiss

Guests dismissed to eat dinner, dinner music begins while family takes photos, and friends carry chairs over to reception area

Wedding Party Photography
-        Family photos
-        Bridal Party
-        Bride/Groom

The Reception
-        Intro for Mr. & Mrs. Niles Thomas Maddox
-        1st Dance
-        Father & daughter dance
-        Mother & son dance
-        Mr. & Mrs. Get to eat
-        Toasts
-        Cake
-        Put away food, leave drinks, set out coffee
-        Toss bouquet
-        Toss Garter
-        Married couples dance
-        PARTY
-        11:15pm Purple Rain plays to end the night
-        Bride changes while guests line up with sparklers
-        11:30pm Mr. & Mrs. go away to live happily ever after!

Important Names & Numbers
Wedding Location:
Location for groomsmen to get ready:
Photographer: Imago Photography
Caterer: Connie’s Naturally Gourmet
Hair Stylist: Bella Salon
Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals
Mother of the Bride:
Mother of the Groom: 

good luck and happy wedding planning! hope this helps your day go off without a hitch.

click here to see the pics from how the whole event turned out! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the candy stripe dress

hello lovely,
there is a fabulous mid mod store in downtown clinton that i can't get enough of. great linens, mid century decor & furniture, and some clothes. buried deep within the rack was the 8 dollar dress. the first thing i noticed was the precious candy stripe pattern. then, i saw the buttons. cute little buttons on the shoulders and a simple row down the back. to top it all off there are sweet little bows on each pocket with a belt around the waist. and THEN it was only $8? dreams really do come true! i loved it so much that once it was warm outside to wear it for the first time i made niles snap a few photos. in other news... the clinch river antiques festival is coming up in a few weeks and i can't wait! the most wonderful time of the year...
alyssa renee

dress: thrifted, shoes: target

Saturday, April 14, 2012

the dream of the 90s is alive!

hello lovely!
niles and i just went to a super fun 90s theme birthday party. as you can see ^ we went as wayne and garth. it was so fun! amongst the 90s crowd was Mr. Pink, Al from Home Improvement, & special guest DJ Quail Man. most of the night i was dancing my heart out so i didn't get many pictures but here are a few. the birthday girl and her husband went as Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. They were pretty spot on if you ask me.
hope you are having a lovely weekend. the weather here is amazing this.
alyssa renee


i couldn't pick a favorite so i posted all four...