Sunday, January 30, 2011

the most wonderful time of the year!

hello lovely,
no it isn't christmas time. it is 31 days of oscar time! i love this time of year. every night there is an amazing classic film to watch. free movie dates every night! some of you may already know this, but i have a goal to watch all of the AFI 100 greatest films. not the newer list, the original list. (it includes more classics) maybe this 31 days of oscar season i'll check off a few more from the list. here are the films i'm most excited to watch. (you will notice bette davis stars in half of the films on my list...that is because she is the best) so far saturday, february 12th looks like the best day. wuthering heights, mr. smith goes to washington, the wizard of oz! it is a 1939 day :) 
oh... and my most favorite vacation is this month too....CABIN NASTY! february is looking like a pretty awesome month.
alyssa renee

bonnie and clyde- 1967











this list could go on and on and on...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

wedding pallet: chocolate

looks like i now know that i want chocolate brown to be a dominate color in my paper items! i love this wedding pallet blog list. it has really helped me with my wedding vision :)

one. two. three. four. five

Monday, January 24, 2011



hello lovely,
i'm attempting a new art project. one of the bloggers i follow makes these amazing paper cutouts. (she made the amazing one above that i just love!) i am nowhere near as good as she is, but i'm practicing all the same. it is a fun little hobby. here are my first creations. now don't tease me. these are my very first ones!
alyssa renee 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

wedding pallet: champagne

Champagne and Gold Wedding: groom with gold vest and shirt with black tux

Champagne and Gold Wedding: gold wedding shoes

hello lovely,
doing these wedding pallet posts is giving me so many ideas! i think i have finally figured out how to bring champagne into my design. as long as i can remember i've wanted to use gold as a wedding color. at first i thought i would use it for my bridesmaid dresses, but it is a hard color to wear, and my bridesmaids have a variety of different skin tones. now i think i will use gold in the reception area. i'm hoping to find gold ribbon to bring everything together. maybe even gold chargers to use in the centerpieces. i already have gold frames for my special centerpiece project. i also think i might drop chocolate brown. i don't know though. i think i will do a wedding pallet post on it and see if i get inspired to still use it. i think chocolate brown has now been booted by seafoam. we shall see...
happy sunday.
alyssa renee 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

wedding pallet: seafoam

Sea Foam Green Kitchen

Mint Rosebud Earrings

hello lovely,
i thought i'd do a blog series showcasing the lovely colors i've picked for our wedding. the list keeps growing! the first one i thought i'd share is seafoam green, the newest in my wedding color pallet. (yes, i know i am mega lame for having a "wedding color pallet" but i'm happy as a clam so you will have to pardon my lameness) i have done so much for my wedding this week. it feels fantastic! mom, bubbie and i went to the rentals place and discussed options and pricing. (man that will suck your budget dry!) i prepared myself to spend half my budget and we actually came out UNDER half. it was very exciting. i also met with a caterer. we ate dinner together and talked about a possible menu for the reception. then i emailed a baker and set up a time to have a cake tasting. (once niles gets back of course) and last but not least, i talked to a woman about making my bridesmaid dresses. amy has been helping be find the perfect gown for our wedding, but i can't find the silhouette i want, in the color i want, for the price i want. hopefully this seamstress can get the job done under budget, but still looking lovely. 
hope you are having a productive week as well.
alyssa renee 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

blogs i'm following

hello lovely,
i thought it would be fun to share some of the blogs i'm following with you guys. these blogs give me so many decorating, fashion, and wedding ideas. hope you enjoy them as much i do. 

side note:
niles is going to be working out of state for 5 weeks :( sad day. i will be a single doggie momma for a wee bit. good news? he let me use his computer so we can skype. please send us good vibes. its going to be a long five weeks...

alyssa renee

lovely clusters: this blog organizes items by color. it is magical :)

i love a slippery maiden! this girl is so talented. she sings, she plays guitar, and she does the most beautiful paper cuttings. (i want to try to make some too)

hi-fi weddings is a rockstar wedding blog. this blog is my inspiration for unique wedding photo ideas. (you will just have to wait til september to see what some of those are...) they even featured our engagement photos! 


vintage clothes for sale. classic style icons. vintage dress patterns. vintage decorating tips. does it get any better? adore vintage lives up to its name. i adore this blog. just wish the clothing was in my price range...


and who could forget the blog that inspired me to make the mice and birds blog? miss james of bleubird vintage is my life inspiration. she is a crafty lady, dedicated momma, and vintage goddess. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

favorite things: oh etsy...

Chalkboard Necklace


American Flag Sewn Tutu with crochet headband and matching bow

do they make this in my size?

Woodland Owl Wing Headband - Dijon Mustard - Made to order

buttercup will help me make this

Calvin and Hobbes Upcycled Comic Book Wallet - Playing with his Food

awesome wallet

Light Up the World - Custom Rechargeable 30 LED Hoop for Charity

bonnaroo, here i come.

Seaside Blue Candle Holder Collection

want. need. might actually buy right now.

Med Bird Ceramic Cake Stand in Robin Egg Blue with Yellow Birds

for my wedding cake?