Thursday, January 17, 2013

the future

happy 2013!
I feel like I'm in the future.
I have a robot vacum, I can video-chat from my phone, and my 70 year old
grandmother sends me text messages on the regular. 
The future I say!

I've set a few goals for myself this year:

1. Finish a book.
I always start books and I never finish them. This year is already off to a better start, the first day of the new year I laid by the pool all day long and read The Perks of Being a Wallflower from cover to cover. 
BOOM. Goal met. 
(or maybe I'll try to keep the streak going)

2. Work in the back yard.
My yard is un-manicured and pretty darn ugly. I'd like to fix that. I have a fire pit to finish, a screened in porch to paint and decorate, and a doghouse to purchase. 

3. Spend more time in the craft room.
I want to make that space feel more like my own. I have all my stuff in it, but I don't spend enough time in there. I have the space, I should be sewing! I want to work on a machine quilt. I've got embroidery down pretty well, let's see how quilting goes.

4. Make more time for the people I love the most.
I tend to stretch myself pretty thin. I have trouble saying that two letter word "no." 
You would think it would be easier to say than it is. 
This year I want to say no when I need to, so I can say yes when it counts. 

Sorry for the long gap in posts. I had some issue with space that I haven't figured out yet. But blogger seems to be working for me now so here I am

Good luck keeping up your goals this year!

**note the picture above is a little embroidery I made the husband for Christmas