Thursday, March 31, 2011

favorite things: wee little fawns

hello lovely,
though i am trying so hard to cull myself of useless material possessions and live a more minimalist life, i can't help but want to collect tiny ceramic deer. it really is a conundrum. here are a few that i just adore! maybe i'll just get a few... after i buy my house of course.
happy almost weekend!
alyssa renee

Tiniest Deer

My Deerest

i want this one really bad

Kitschy Pink Planter

Adorable deer figurine with little yellow butterfly

Vintage Ceramic Fawn Bookends, Japan

yes, i am aware that this is a very odd and unnecessary thing to want to collect.
i'm seeking help.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

if i wasn't saving up for a house...

hello lovely,
it is a cold gray sunday here in knoxville. i got a lot of cleaning done this morning and i'm finally on my last load of laundry. taking a break to blog a bit before cleaning my room. niles and i are currently saving all of our penny's to buy a house this summer. let me tell you, this is hard work. i want to buy everything i see! so many cute new spring looks are coming out now. i'm going to have to get creative with my wardrobe and make old looks new again. if i could buy anything i wanted here are some of the items on my list.
alyssa renee

loving this dress from forever 21

and these shoes. wedding shoes? love them!

Lavender Mist Dress

so adorable!

Jam Jamboree Dress

make sure you checkout the back of this one. just too cute. 

Dear and Delicate Bow

i think i might make this one. oh and i wish my hair was this pretty...

okay this is just starting to hurt.

happy shopping! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

next project


in my random blog following i
stumbled upon this. here lately i am loving 
doing paper crafts. i think something like this will
be my next attempt.
it just looks so creative and fun!
i'll let you know how it works out. 
if you have any craft projects you are working on 
please share it with me. 
i'd love to see it.
alyssa renee

Monday, March 21, 2011

things my sister will love

hello lovely,
my sister has great taste. i thought i'd go on etsy and see if i can find some cute things that are right up her alley. i think i succeeded. i know her well...
happy monday!
alyssa renee

Norah the Gnarly Knit Narwhal

epic knit narwhal battle

GLIMMER the UNICORN Crochet Hat Pattern

unicorn hat!
Cute Whale Vinyl Decal Sticker Animal

bubbie decal

10 Harry Potter Dark Mark temporary tattoos of movie and book-style

dark mark tattoos

Strength and Luck Elephant sterling silver necklace

wee little elephant :)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

style muse: Cher

hello lovely,
say what you want about Cher, but in the 1960s, she was hot. i mean really! she may have had too much plastic surgery now, but her style back then was amazing and worth much praise. here are some photos of the mod and fabulous Cher that i adore. she was just lovely.
alyssa renee

(i want to recreate this look. and i think niles could rock sonny's coat...)

all photos from here

Cher, you rock.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

favorite things: vintage hats

hello lovely,
for those of you who don't know, i'm a huge fan of vintage hats. (if only my head was small enough to rock more that just fascinators...) hats are such a great accessory! it makes me so sad to see them fade away. bring back the hat! together we can do it. here are some options to get your collection growing.
alyssa renee 

Vintage 1940s Silver FROST Vine Bridal Fascinator

VINTAGE 1950s fascinator

vintage 1950s Feuille de Mystere fascinator

Vintage 1950's Feather Fascinator Headband Hat

VINTAGE Men's Fedora by Dobbs

boys can rock vintage hats too

1. 2. 3. 4. 5

(mini meltdown... will be finished soon)

when i think about my wedding guest list i feel like this.

first you want to invite your cousin, but if you invite your cousin you have to invite her dad who you don't know very well. then he will bring his wife. and then you have their step daughter who you've never met and BAM 1 person turns into 4. not to mention your cousin's boyfriend. so thats 5. so if every 1 becomes a 5 then my tent is bursting at the seams! i have a list of over 200 people and i can't add a single extra to it for fear that all 200 will come with a plus one. (thought they say invite 200 and 100 will come...lets hope so) in the end all that matters is i will be mrs. maddox. but right now... i'm a bit wedding stressed :( 
send me good vibes.

in positive wedding news: niles and i are going to stores this weekend to figure out what we want to register for! i can't wait to go around pottery barn with that gun scanning gifties for my future home. we also have a cake tasting in the works and i have to pick my bridesmaids dresses this month! busy busy busy.

hope all of you are healthy and happy,
alyssa renee 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it is the little things :)

kat and i went to target and i got seafoam green nail polish! 
life is good :)

alyssa renee