Sunday, January 23, 2011

wedding pallet: champagne

Champagne and Gold Wedding: groom with gold vest and shirt with black tux

Champagne and Gold Wedding: gold wedding shoes

hello lovely,
doing these wedding pallet posts is giving me so many ideas! i think i have finally figured out how to bring champagne into my design. as long as i can remember i've wanted to use gold as a wedding color. at first i thought i would use it for my bridesmaid dresses, but it is a hard color to wear, and my bridesmaids have a variety of different skin tones. now i think i will use gold in the reception area. i'm hoping to find gold ribbon to bring everything together. maybe even gold chargers to use in the centerpieces. i already have gold frames for my special centerpiece project. i also think i might drop chocolate brown. i don't know though. i think i will do a wedding pallet post on it and see if i get inspired to still use it. i think chocolate brown has now been booted by seafoam. we shall see...
happy sunday.
alyssa renee