Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{ here's to you, 2011 }

hello lovely,
i thought it was time to start thinking about my 2011 resolutions. 
2010 was the first year i set a resolution and even remembered it by the end of the year.
it felt so good i decided to set a few more goals for myself. 
a 2011 to do list if you will... 

movies i want to see (in theaters if possible):
the illusionist, the kings speech, blue valentine, true grit, black swan
and all of the 83rd annual academy award's best picture nominees

places i want to go:
seattle, the california coast, mt. le conte  

ways to better myself:
not get wrapped up in wedding planning, make time for the people i love, 
achieve my goals without losing myself

things i want to do:
go on weekend getaways with niles, read more, be more patient with my dog, keep my clothes in the closet not on the floor, and what i want to do most...

marry the love of my life.

here's to 2011, what should be the happiest year of my life so far :)

alyssa renee 

Monday, December 20, 2010

friend swap

hello lovely,
i have a lot of stuff. a lot. luckily amy had a great idea for a friend swap to help us clear out some of our stuff! so when my best gal pals got together we each brought items we no longer use or wear and made some trades! it was great! i got a few items but over all got rid of more than i gained! katherine cleaned out in the accessories department, that is for sure. it was great fun and i highly recommend it to all of you. here are a few pics from the swap. 

alyssa renee

kat's new years resolution was to  accessorize more, me thinks she achieved this goal

amy was pretty pumped

rachel organizing her swap items

some of the goodies

and the accessory collection only grew!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

favorite things: wedding planning

hello lovely,
it is snowy and cold outside today so i'm doing a little wedding planning. here are some of my new favorite things.

Linen Flower Girl Dress, retro style, custom size

love this simple flower girl dress

wish you were here - berry wire crown

i love this. remind me to make it. 

Fabric Happily Ever After Banner - Cake Topper

might have just found my cake topper
(bunting it one of my image themes. along with blue birds and trees)

Our Hearts Sing -  Music Sheet Birds in Nest With Banner- ON SALE 25 PERCENT OFF regular price was 38 dollars

or this...

Seafoam Floral Mum Earrings

seafoam green is becoming a wedding color

Paper Bunting Garland Number 8

more bunting. can't help it! i love it. 

Charleston Garden Party Wedding Invitation

sara kate is gonna make me invitations similar to this :)
joy of joys i'm so excited!

alyssa renee

Saturday, December 11, 2010

papa ♥

hello lovely,
yesterday was my papa's 69th birthday and he spent half the day working on set with me! to top it all off i was so low on sleep (hence the lack of blog posts this week) i forgot what day it was :(  but my papa is understanding and loves me for who i am, all the time, no matter what. (even when i forget to wish him a happy birthday ON his birthday)
so in honor of my papa here is a big mice and birds birthday wish!
i love you very much 

your sweet babboo,
alyssa renee 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

favorite things: christmas edition

hello lovely,
you know those things that just make christmas for you? those things you always watched, or sang, or ate, or did at christmas that just makes the holiday yours.  well here are some of those for me. 

being with my cousins


yukon cornelius: i must have 5 ornaments of him on our christmas tree

matching pj's christmas morning

mmm... cinnamon rolls on christmas morning

every other christmas we go to orlando. 2 years ago the ministry had HP land on lock down... but not this year... 

burger meister meister burger! 
(santa clause is coming to town = my second all time favorite christmas cartoon)

opening our stockings christmas morning

the candlelight christmas eve service at my grandparent's church. katherine and i always exchange christmas gifts there

nestor: the worst christmas movie of all time

the BEST christmas cartoon of all time

and of course...the walker family christmas card photo shoot. always a good time

hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite things about christmas. i want to see yours!
alyssa renee

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

holiday details

my mom and uncle's handmade childhood Christmas stockings

our favorite ornament

capturing all the details

comfort good

stuffing... the best part of the holidays

wee little holiday elf climbing up the tree

granny and papa's holiday boots

hope you enjoyed  a little peek into some of my favorite holiday details :)
more to come...
alyssa renee