Sunday, February 27, 2011

n'awlins vacation

hello lovely,
let the good times roll! niles and i had a fabulous day in new orleans. i flew down from ktown and met him in baton rouge where he was finishing up a 5 week trip for work. (you will be happy to know they have decided not to send him down for season 2 and get a local instead, though i'm  a bit bummed because i loved visiting new orleans) we spent the evening in baton rouge and woke up before 7 to head down to new orleans. what an amazing city. i think its the most european city in america. the layout, the architecture, the laid back attitude: it rocks. we even got to see the first mardi gras parade of the season! what a fun weekend! we really needed the alone time. Here are some pictures from the trip.
alyssa renee 

and a few taken from niles' phone

the only shot of our delicious beignets from cafe du monde!

caution: hand grenades are dangerous 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

fun things to come

hello lovely,
i have a few fun new blog ideas in the works i thought i'd share with you.
first, "miss mice and birds"is a little idea i've been trying to figure out for awhile. i've found 3 gal pals of mine who all have uniquely adorable styles. i'm going to showcase each of their styles, get their fashion tips, and specifically focus on their favorite ways to accessorize. i'm pretty pumped for this. here are the first girls:



sara may

then, the brunch tour. chris and i have been visiting different restaurants finding the best brunch places in knoxville. i'll have a report on our findings here soon. (this has been a fun and tasty project in the works)

and coming next week i'll have a few pics from my weekend getaway with my moon my man. i'll keep our destination a secret for now...

happy weekend! ( a few hours early)

alyssa renee

Monday, February 14, 2011

i'm feelin' blue-green

hello lovely,
i'm not feeling blue, because i'm sad! i'm feeling blue-green because i'm really diggin' those colors these days. here are some lovely blue and green things i found while looking through etsy. hope you are having a fabulous valentine's day! my moon my man sent flowers to my office :) how special he is! and today is captain's 2nd birthday. oh happy day.
alyssa renee 

Breathtaking Set of Franciscan Ware Coronado 31 Pieces

oooo what a lovely picnic this would be.

Bird House Camper Travel Trailer Retro Yard Art Birdhouse Aqua Seafoam

i want this for me. forget the birds.

Set of 2 Handprinted Birch Forest Cushion Covers in Robins Egg (Pillow Covers)


Wedding Colored flats,Bridesmaids, bridal shoes, painted robots

robot love. 

Yo-Yo Decor, Set of Four

i want to make these.

Sweet Deer in mint stripes

i think his name is edgar. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what you might not know about me

thought i'd share a few things about myself you may not know. hope you enjoy. it was fun trying to think of these.

1. georgia is my favorite font
(not my favorite team)

2. i wear a sleep mask every night

3. one day i hope to have an entire room devoted to crafting

(I already have a pretty good craft table) 

4. if i ever get a tattoo it will either be a bff tree with my girls, or a matching bubbie with my sister
(and my grandma will cry, so that might not happen)

5. if i could my hair would look like this, only strawberry blonde

michelle williams Travel cropped proto custom 14 Top 10 Travel Friendly Hairstyles

6. even though my dog is crazy, i think he is adorable and often take photos of him looking cute at night in my room


7. if i started a band it would be called rainbow unicorn

8. i wish i could sing well. instead i make a joyful noise. my granny says i sing like julia roberts in the bathtub in pretty woman. 
(aka, not well)

9. speaking of granny... she is my hero. i can only hope to be even half the amazingly kind and loving woman she is

10. you'd have to live under a rock not to know this one...
on 9.10.11 i marry my best friend. at night i lay in bed and think about doing ordinary things with him. like brushing our teeth at the same time, painting our living room, and planting flowers. one day i will do all these things with him. i hope i remember to cherish it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

i'm so lucky.

just got back from an amazing vacation with the best friends any girl could ask for
i'm one lucky girl