Monday, July 9, 2012

my year in instagram self portraits

hello lovely,
i was sitting on our couch thinking about how we've been in this house for one year and i couldn't believe it. one year! already? this year was the fastest yet. while i was thinking of how fast this year felt i suddenly realized i was reaching the anniversary of when i got my iphone too. (my first instagram photo was a picture of our tv set up on a rubbermaid tub) its been one year since i became married to a phone. these things are so addictive. i decided it would be fun to mark this anniversary with "a year in self portraits." just to see how i've changed over the course of a year. i noticed a few themes as well. if you look carefully you can see the many sides of alyssa: the classic vintage one, the weird one, the big haired one, the loving one. it was a pretty fun project to prep. next i might have to do "a year in dog portraits." that will be a long post...
alyssa renee 





and my favorite

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