Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{ tease }

tim posted a sneak peek of our engagement photos
such a tease! i want to see them all. i guess this is a practice in patience. speaking of which, it think that will be my new years resolution: be more patient. i'm sure a blog about that will come soon. anywho, we took pictures at the bijou, some at the bistro next door, a few out in the pouring rain, some in an amazing alley downtown, and then at coolato gelato. a long night but i'm excited to see what imago can do!
alyssa renee

diy heroes sneak peek

hello lovely,
thought i'd give you a wee looksie at my next blog segment. my dear friend taylor and her husband jon bought this house a few months ago. when i first saw it i was a bit curious as to how they were going to make it up to taylor standards. i shouldn't have worried at all. jon is a handy man x10 and has been as long as i've known him. he worked his magic on this house with a couple of friends and family members' help along the way. taylor, a fellow sewer made some adorable accents for each room. so keep a lookout for my salute to the diy dude and diva :) coming soon....
alyssa renee

Sunday, September 26, 2010

engagement photos

hello lovely,
after several scheduling issues, we are now about to take our engagement photos! niles worked it out so we could take some of the photos in the bijou theater downtown. i am too excited for words. i keep picturing them being like images from walk the line. i have a fantastic june carter cash dress i'll be wearing for some of the photos.

i'll be sure to post our favorites when we get them back. our photographer is tim ivey of imago photography. check him out! he rocks :)
alyssa renee

i'm a lazy blogger today. all i did was google image walk the line... there's your source list!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


hello lovely,
well it is official. sarah doesn't just know me, she KNOWS me! i'm not sure if she realized it but with one simple gesture, she changed my daily routine! every morning and randomly throughout the day i check out various blogs on crafting, decorating, fashion, food, weddings, you name it! usually one blog leads me to a new blog i can add to my google reader to view daily. WELL, sarah made it all better. She introduced me to craftgawker! a site that puts the top craft blog posts all on one site. from here i can easily be linked to hundreds of blogs! there is not only a site for crafts, but weddings, home, and food. so this is my official thank you to sarah. or maybe i shouldn't thank you because now i have a new obsession taking up my day. here are some of my favorite things i found today while gawking.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

engagement party

good times with great friends

hello lovely!
i woke up friday morning like it was christmas. i couldn't sleep past 7am. i had to work, but i knew at 7:30pm our engagement party was starting and i couldn't wait. the party was a blast. my bestest, katherine, threw it and she did a great job. all of my favorites right down to the brand of corn chip :) friends from all over came, even as far as memphis! niles and i also asked a few people to be in our wedding party. we are so excited to be husband and wife.
if you stayed all night, just stopped by, met us at the bar, or even sent us a fb message or a text, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing us you support our love. we love you all so very much.
alyssa renee
man love

dude, will you be my groomsman?

salt and pepper

(most of) my bridesmaids

the hostess, thanks kat!

with our wedding logo on top

forrest and jenny


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[ no words necessary ]

yes i did wear this hat all night while i cleaned my room alone
and watched forrest gump.

[ oh captain my captain! ]

hello lovely,
niles and i got a new puppy. his name is captain buckley von trapp, but you can call him captain. to our best knowledge he is part beagle part spaniel. he is a very curious little doggie. at 1 1/2 you can guess he is into just about everything we have. at first he was a bit of a handful... peeing in my bed wasn't so fun. now he is pretty used to his environment and his routine. we love him very much. soon he will start obedience class. (mommy and daddy can't wait)
hope you love our new pup!

daddy and captain

look at that smile

but who could forget my first doggie?
we still love rascal most of all!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mice and birds: movie date

hello lovely,
since niles and i just got a dog we have been staying home more so i thought i'd give you an idea for an at home movie date. here is a little teaser to entice you to watch one of my favorite films for your next date night in.

Directed by Stanley Donen
Starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, & Walter Matthau

Two of Hollywood's most famous stars team up in this delightful caper. Audrey Hepburn is about to divorce her distant husband when she finds he's been murdered. Not only that, he converted everything they owned into cash which is now missing...

Cary Grant is there to help her solve the mystery, but is he really her friend, or working against her?

The plot thickens as more people turn up trying to find the cash.

When some of the men looking for the cash wind up dead, you'll never guess who turns out to be behind the crime.

"Expect the unexpected when they play Charade!"

Let me know what you think when you finish the movie!
hope you have a great date

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding Flowers: Shannon

I was honored to make the flowers for Shannon to wear in her hair on her wedding day. Here they are! The pearls in the bottom flower were provided by Bonnie of Bonnybee Designs who made her jewelry. Oddly enough Bonnie and I were best friends when we were kids. Shannon had know idea we even knew each other when she picked us to make her accessories for her wedding! Small world. Hope you love them, and most of all, I hope Shannon loves them.

On another note, Niles and I went to grandma's house and blocked out where the wedding will be in the yard. We also saw where the sun would be so we will have the best lighting :) It was so exciting to do some real wedding planning.
hope you all had a lovely labor day! I know I did.
alyssa renee