Monday, June 4, 2012

urban ruins

hello lovely,
i don't usually post things that aren't about fashion or my life, but i just had to share these images with you. i've started to enjoy looking up images of urban ruins. it feels like you are staring at post apocalyptic images. there are so many large abandoned structures around the world that look like someone just locked the door and walked away. the most amazing are the images of abandoned theme parks. apparently japan has a dozen of them. one of my favorites are these images abandoned theaters. in my wonderings i've discovered there is a word for my new obsession. apparently its a form of "archi-tourism"or "urban exploration." i've pulled a few of my favorite images i've found in my searches. take some time and look some of these up yourself. let me know if you any i haven't seen. i love these! hope you do too.
alyssa renee

*please note though i enjoy these images it makes me sad to see what we as humans have left behind. we tore up all of this earth to build something we just cast aside so we can make a newer strip mall or theme park or theatre or what have you 

Detroit's Ruins

Abandoned Japanese Theme Park

Gulliver's Island

Six Flags New Orleans

Nara Dreamland, Japan

Western World, Japan

Garbáty Zigarettenfabrik, Berlin

Spreepark, Berlin

The Majestic, Racine, WI

i could seriously keep adding images forever.

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  1. Wow those are such interesting photos! Birmingham was such an industrial hub and now so many of those buildings and factories are abandoned. There are also so many old historic buildings that are the same way. It makes me sad because I love old brick buildings and historic houses I want them to be restored!!

  2. I know. That is how I feel about the old abandoned theaters. I want to bring them all back to life.