Saturday, May 26, 2012

the queen of hearts

hello lovely,
this has been such a busy month and june is only going to go by faster. which, i guess i'm okay with because the sooner june passes the sooner bubbie and i will be in europe! but before all that, there are so many lovely things coming up. including one of my best friends' wedding. last weekend the girls all got together to take her out for one last weekend on the town as a single lady. we took her to atlanta and it was a blast! katherine rented a 1920s home in the highlands that was super cute but had some...interesting decor. including some creepy dolls. the first night we had a fun night in with gifts, wine, and games. on saturday we had a lovely brunch followed by mani/pedis and some sun bathing. saturday night was spent bar hopping and partying with our queen of hearts bride. it was so fun! everyone we met at the bars in atlanta were so nice to us. it was so great to have a girls weekend. especially with the lovely women i am blessed to call my best friends. can't wait to see what a lovely bride rachel will be!
alyssa renee

our queen

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