Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my best friend's wedding vol. 1

hello lovely,
well, they did it. they lived through all the wedding planning and are now husband and wife. rachel and morgan tied the knot on the shelby street pedestrian bridge in downtown nashville, tn. rachel and morgan are a rock star of a couple, so we knew the event would be big, and it was. when the sun began to set behind the city skyline the river and bridge began to glow. it was the most amazing lighting. the weather of course was perfect; a light breeze with clear skies. they couldn't have asked for a better moment. the bride was glowing as well. with a 40s inspired updo and ruby red lips, rachel looked like something out of a high fashion magazine. the groom put don draper to shame in a crisp grey suit and slicked back hair. music of course set the mood as well. rachel made her way up the bridge to "marry song" by band of horses. the lyrics couldn't have been more fitting and the beat set her pace making her entrance epic. i of course was sobbing at this moment. but all of this was nothing compared to the look in each other's eyes as they grew closer. to look at them watching each other was to see their love pouring out of them. they couldn't keep it in. and that makes me happiest of all. to know my best friend has found her soulmate was the ultimate joy. once most of us were able to dry our tears the fun began. we danced and laughed our way into the wee hours of the morning, but somehow the day seemed too short. pictures tried to capture the moment, but i'm not sure if they could even do it justice. enjoy.

congrats rachel and morgan. i love you both.

alyssa renee

in case you want to set the mood while you browse the photos...

had to steal just this one of me and my mister from colleen too...

oh, did i mention i did 5 full hairstyles for the wedding? mine is one of them and here is another i was pretty proud of.

you can see some of the profession photos by checking out Tyler Andrews Photography on facebook

***you may be asking, "vol. 1? is there more?"
well, i call this vol. 1 because rachel is the first my best girlfriends from high school's weddings. 
vol. 2 heading your way this october when katherine weds

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