Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding Flowers: Shannon

I was honored to make the flowers for Shannon to wear in her hair on her wedding day. Here they are! The pearls in the bottom flower were provided by Bonnie of Bonnybee Designs who made her jewelry. Oddly enough Bonnie and I were best friends when we were kids. Shannon had know idea we even knew each other when she picked us to make her accessories for her wedding! Small world. Hope you love them, and most of all, I hope Shannon loves them.

On another note, Niles and I went to grandma's house and blocked out where the wedding will be in the yard. We also saw where the sun would be so we will have the best lighting :) It was so exciting to do some real wedding planning.
hope you all had a lovely labor day! I know I did.
alyssa renee

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