Wednesday, September 15, 2010


hello lovely,
well it is official. sarah doesn't just know me, she KNOWS me! i'm not sure if she realized it but with one simple gesture, she changed my daily routine! every morning and randomly throughout the day i check out various blogs on crafting, decorating, fashion, food, weddings, you name it! usually one blog leads me to a new blog i can add to my google reader to view daily. WELL, sarah made it all better. She introduced me to craftgawker! a site that puts the top craft blog posts all on one site. from here i can easily be linked to hundreds of blogs! there is not only a site for crafts, but weddings, home, and food. so this is my official thank you to sarah. or maybe i shouldn't thank you because now i have a new obsession taking up my day. here are some of my favorite things i found today while gawking.

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  1. I am officially obsessed with this site. Thank you to Sarah on my behalf also!