Monday, May 14, 2012

antique fest wrap up

hello lovely,
i know i'm a little late in posting this blog update. i've been working weird hours and going out on set for our re-creations this past week. i had a free moment so i am finally uploading pictures from this year's spring antique fest. i scored a few awesome items. a light blue vintage dress i'm going to hem up and blog about, an adorable teepee planter, & my most favorite... an antique sewing table turned end table! it is probably my favorite thing i've ever purchased. (other than my dog of course) here are a few pictures from the day. it was a bit cool and cloudy but we still had a great time.
alyssa renee

we saw this technique on a lot of items at the festival this year. maybe i'll try it on my new magazine rack i picked up at the flea market this weekend

my new table and teepee! also got a lampshade for my fabulous vintage lamps we got as a wedding gift.

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