Thursday, April 19, 2012

the candy stripe dress

hello lovely,
there is a fabulous mid mod store in downtown clinton that i can't get enough of. great linens, mid century decor & furniture, and some clothes. buried deep within the rack was the 8 dollar dress. the first thing i noticed was the precious candy stripe pattern. then, i saw the buttons. cute little buttons on the shoulders and a simple row down the back. to top it all off there are sweet little bows on each pocket with a belt around the waist. and THEN it was only $8? dreams really do come true! i loved it so much that once it was warm outside to wear it for the first time i made niles snap a few photos. in other news... the clinch river antiques festival is coming up in a few weeks and i can't wait! the most wonderful time of the year...
alyssa renee

dress: thrifted, shoes: target

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  1. I think I know what store you are talking about- I go there on Pyrex hunts and always score something awesome! Yay for that store!!