Saturday, November 3, 2012


hello lovely,
as most of you already know, i'm a blog-aholic. my google reader is filled with great fashion, crafting, & family blogs. i've taken my blogging to the next level by following some of my favorite blogs on instagram. my husband things this is stalking, but hey, they share it! so i guess you can decide for yourself. here are a few of my favorite blogger's instagram feeds. be sure to check out their blogs too. also, i have been lacking in the blogging department and i apologize. i'm going to do better. promise.
alyssa renee

@thiswildidea is one of my favorite feeds i love maddie the coonhound! he travels the country taking awesome photos of his adorable dog balancing on things. she is a pretty amazing dog.

@danamadeit is a wonderfully crafty instagram feed from MADE. dana is an amazing seamstress and mom who shares many free sewing patterns on her blog. she also has three adorable children who model her work.

@elsiecake is elsie larson of a beautiful mess' instagram feed. elsie and her sister (@emmaredvelvet) blog daily and have so many amazing DIY projects to share. i love their instagram feed. they share pics of their adorable dogs interior design, and what is coming up on the blog

and of course...

i follow @bleubird because bleubird vintage is my most favorite blog. miss james is an amazing mom, blogger, and fashion icon. check her out!

I also just started following @thepioneerwoman. not sure how great hers is yet, but i'll let you know.

do you have any other great instagram feeds you can suggest?

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  1. Just a side note! You sent me bluebird vintage when I moved to Houston, and although I haven't met her myself ive met many people who are very good friends with them! I find it creepy and neat at the same time ha. -courtney