Sunday, September 30, 2012

my life friend's shower

Hello Lovely,
We got the opportunity to shower our best friend with love and blessings a few weeks ago. Katherine is the most loyal and dedicated friend. She was such a blessing at my wedding. She organized my shower, my bachelorette party, and made sure everything came together the day of. For Rachel's wedding she came 2 days early and helped her run errands before the big day. The woman is amazing. That being said, we had to return the favor as best we could once she got engaged. We held the shower at my Grandmother's house. You might remember it from another big event in my life. The girls all came together with flowers, food, & drinks. We all wanted Katherine to feel loved. The afternoon was filled with good food, good friends, and family. There were a few tears, and lots of laughter as we shared stories and advice for the happy couple. The bride to be got some great gifts as well, but most importantly we got to take a moment to honor a wonderful friend. 
Love you, Life Friend.
alyssa renee

**Clarification: Kat and I call each other "life friend" because we are friends for life!

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