Friday, April 6, 2012

hello lovely,
a few months ago i was messaged by a high school friend asking if i could make her wedding veil. i of course was thrilled and said yes. when i got married i made the mistake of paying $100 dollars for my veil! it was lovely, but once i found out how inexpensively you can make your own i couldn't believe it. i used this tutorial as a guide to making mary katherine's veil. here are the materials i used:

- 2 yards of russian veiling 
(they didn't have this at any local craft store so i had to order from
- silver beads
-thread (white & blue)
-a hair comb
- sheer white fabric
- something blue fabric
-stiff felt

first, i cut my sheer white fabric into about 20 flower shaped pieces. i then made three stacks and molded my flowers. then i sewed the silver beads into the center of each flower and stitched all three of my flowers together. next i cut out a circle of stiff felt to use as my base to mount my flowers and comb to. since all i had was red felt on hand i covered it with a nice linen fabric. i actually really like how that turned out but when i covered it up with the flowers you never even saw it! i then glued my flowers and veiling to this circle. as a special touch i took some blue fabric and stitched a pretty little "M" for mary katherine and attached the hair comb to it. and voila! my first veil. i definitely recommend you trying to make your own if you are getting married soon. or of course, just send me a little message and i'd be happy to make one for you. it was fun! and very rewarding to see the lovely bride wearing it on her wedding day. congrats chuck and mary katherine!
alyssa renee 
I wasn't able to get very good pictures of it, so sorry for the poor photo quality :(

photo courtesy of the beautiful bride

oh, and thought is was my first wedding veil, it wasn't my first wedding accessory i've made. here are the others:

a bridal flower to go with my friend shannon's wedding veil. complete with pearls and beads to match her jewelry

shannon's reception flower

and the flower i wore at my wedding reception! 

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