Thursday, April 12, 2012

a friendly craft session


hello lovely,
one of my very best friends is getting married this june. since i know how time consuming wedding crafting can be, i tagged along with some of my best gal pals for a night of wedding crafting. rachel, the bride to be, decided she wanted us to practice making her centerpieces. so, using a tutorial like this and 5 bottles of wine we got to work. it was a night of great talks, a few tears, messy hands, and bonding. since most of the time my hands were covered in goop i didn't get many pictures. 

in other news... remember our friends corey and colleen? well we are having a shower for their indie rock bundle of joy in our backyard next weekend. i will for sure be taking pictures of this joyous event. stay tuned.

alyssa renee

the bride to be!

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