Thursday, December 15, 2011

the travel bug

Muir Woods 2011
hello lovely,
as i sit on my couch watching my husband battle some sort of man with a dragon head... i can't help but wish i was on an adventure of my own. (but a real one) i've been lucky enough in my short years on this planet so far to see some pretty amazing places, eat some fantastic food, and meet some unique people. this summer my sister and i are planning to backpack europe as part of her graduation present. we are hoping to go to Austria, France, England, & Ireland. i can't wait. it has been a long time since i've traveled like that. just me, a map, my backpack, and a good friend. this will definitely be a bonding trip for bubbie and i. i mark this as our first adventure together as adults. just 2 bubbies and the world. in the meantime, i'll just remenice over these photos and remember past adventures. 

adventure is out there!
alyssa renee 

San Francisco 2011

New Orleans 2010

Sydney 2009

LA 2009
Please note I am taking a dump on Ryan Seacrest

Colonial Williamsburg 2009
yes, this was our spring break trip

Rome 2008

Pompeii 2008

Venice 2008

Florence 2008

Athens 2008

Athens again, but couldn't resist posting these delicious photos

Corfu 2008
one of the happiest days of my whole life

Paris 2007
this city wasn't too kind to me the 1st time... glad to be giving it a 2nd chance this summer

Normandy 2007

Barcelona 2007

Nice 2007

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