Tuesday, December 20, 2011

all i want for christmas is...

hello lovely,
it is a little late to be shopping. believe me... the mall is crazy! this year i made an amazon wish list. it was awesome. they have this little button you can add to your browser that will add products from any website to your wish list! here are few things i've asked for this year.

alyssa renee

i love these cover story postcards. i'm hoping to frame a few around the house and send a few to my pen pals

these stamps are precious. i'm really into card making these days. i think these would be great for cards or for gift labels on brown paper packages

one of my friends recently got one of these travel cases and i want one so bad! adorable. 

as a newly wed i'm obsessed with my monogram. this monogram necklace is a lovely way to show it off

this has become my family motto. i love it. it must hang in our home. 

these dishes speak for themselves. WANT. 

i just discovered Lee Miller and i want to learn everything about her. this book should help 

all of Melissa's work is amazing. i am so impressed. this bee ring would help show her off!

hope you get everything you've ever wanted for christmas.

the best gift for me this year?

being married to the love of my life.

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