Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a magical day

hello lovely,
well, it is official. i am now a mrs. so far married life is just about the same as normal life, but i have someone there with me all the time. it is nice :) we are starting to get settled in to our new routine. so far niles is the one who takes charge of making sure laundry actually gets done (my least favorite, but i help) and i usually take charge with sweeping and keeping the kitchen clean. i think captain is glad to have us back in our normal routine again too. when we got home from the honeymoon he just laid in my arms all day. it was precious. speaking of the honeymoon, i'll be sure to post some pics of that too.

in other news, i'm really excited about a crafting trade i'm doing with a friend of mine. she is making me cute cards to use for my pen pal letters, and in return i'm making her headbands and flower hair clips! how  fun!  i'm sure there will be more on that trade later.

here are some of my favorite photos our friends and family took of the big day.

enjoy, i know they make my heart smile.

alyssa renee

yes, that is niles' cake

i went away in my granny's wedding dress. it fit like a glove!

the perfect day ended with a good patty melt and a milk shake at steak n shake

don't worry, niles remembered to carry me over the threshold when we got home. he even decorated the room with candles and rose petals. what a great husband! 

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