Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(mini meltdown... will be finished soon)

when i think about my wedding guest list i feel like this.

first you want to invite your cousin, but if you invite your cousin you have to invite her dad who you don't know very well. then he will bring his wife. and then you have their step daughter who you've never met and BAM 1 person turns into 4. not to mention your cousin's boyfriend. so thats 5. so if every 1 becomes a 5 then my tent is bursting at the seams! i have a list of over 200 people and i can't add a single extra to it for fear that all 200 will come with a plus one. (thought they say invite 200 and 100 will come...lets hope so) in the end all that matters is i will be mrs. maddox. but right now... i'm a bit wedding stressed :( 
send me good vibes.

in positive wedding news: niles and i are going to stores this weekend to figure out what we want to register for! i can't wait to go around pottery barn with that gun scanning gifties for my future home. we also have a cake tasting in the works and i have to pick my bridesmaids dresses this month! busy busy busy.

hope all of you are healthy and happy,
alyssa renee 


  1. don't make that poor man tag along to Pottery Barn.

  2. haha shhh don't tell him about it! he hasn't been inside yet!