Thursday, February 17, 2011

fun things to come

hello lovely,
i have a few fun new blog ideas in the works i thought i'd share with you.
first, "miss mice and birds"is a little idea i've been trying to figure out for awhile. i've found 3 gal pals of mine who all have uniquely adorable styles. i'm going to showcase each of their styles, get their fashion tips, and specifically focus on their favorite ways to accessorize. i'm pretty pumped for this. here are the first girls:



sara may

then, the brunch tour. chris and i have been visiting different restaurants finding the best brunch places in knoxville. i'll have a report on our findings here soon. (this has been a fun and tasty project in the works)

and coming next week i'll have a few pics from my weekend getaway with my moon my man. i'll keep our destination a secret for now...

happy weekend! ( a few hours early)

alyssa renee

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