Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what you might not know about me

thought i'd share a few things about myself you may not know. hope you enjoy. it was fun trying to think of these.

1. georgia is my favorite font
(not my favorite team)

2. i wear a sleep mask every night

3. one day i hope to have an entire room devoted to crafting

(I already have a pretty good craft table) 

4. if i ever get a tattoo it will either be a bff tree with my girls, or a matching bubbie with my sister
(and my grandma will cry, so that might not happen)

5. if i could my hair would look like this, only strawberry blonde

michelle williams Travel cropped proto custom 14 Top 10 Travel Friendly Hairstyles

6. even though my dog is crazy, i think he is adorable and often take photos of him looking cute at night in my room


7. if i started a band it would be called rainbow unicorn

8. i wish i could sing well. instead i make a joyful noise. my granny says i sing like julia roberts in the bathtub in pretty woman. 
(aka, not well)

9. speaking of granny... she is my hero. i can only hope to be even half the amazingly kind and loving woman she is

10. you'd have to live under a rock not to know this one...
on 9.10.11 i marry my best friend. at night i lay in bed and think about doing ordinary things with him. like brushing our teeth at the same time, painting our living room, and planting flowers. one day i will do all these things with him. i hope i remember to cherish it.

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