Thursday, January 20, 2011

wedding pallet: seafoam

Sea Foam Green Kitchen

Mint Rosebud Earrings

hello lovely,
i thought i'd do a blog series showcasing the lovely colors i've picked for our wedding. the list keeps growing! the first one i thought i'd share is seafoam green, the newest in my wedding color pallet. (yes, i know i am mega lame for having a "wedding color pallet" but i'm happy as a clam so you will have to pardon my lameness) i have done so much for my wedding this week. it feels fantastic! mom, bubbie and i went to the rentals place and discussed options and pricing. (man that will suck your budget dry!) i prepared myself to spend half my budget and we actually came out UNDER half. it was very exciting. i also met with a caterer. we ate dinner together and talked about a possible menu for the reception. then i emailed a baker and set up a time to have a cake tasting. (once niles gets back of course) and last but not least, i talked to a woman about making my bridesmaid dresses. amy has been helping be find the perfect gown for our wedding, but i can't find the silhouette i want, in the color i want, for the price i want. hopefully this seamstress can get the job done under budget, but still looking lovely. 
hope you are having a productive week as well.
alyssa renee 

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