Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{ here's to you, 2011 }

hello lovely,
i thought it was time to start thinking about my 2011 resolutions. 
2010 was the first year i set a resolution and even remembered it by the end of the year.
it felt so good i decided to set a few more goals for myself. 
a 2011 to do list if you will... 

movies i want to see (in theaters if possible):
the illusionist, the kings speech, blue valentine, true grit, black swan
and all of the 83rd annual academy award's best picture nominees

places i want to go:
seattle, the california coast, mt. le conte  

ways to better myself:
not get wrapped up in wedding planning, make time for the people i love, 
achieve my goals without losing myself

things i want to do:
go on weekend getaways with niles, read more, be more patient with my dog, keep my clothes in the closet not on the floor, and what i want to do most...

marry the love of my life.

here's to 2011, what should be the happiest year of my life so far :)

alyssa renee 


  1. lord i cannot wait to see the illusionist. have you seen Jacques Tati's movies? i'm going to have to insist y'all join us for a double feature after the holidays.

  2. i am so down for that. niles is off friday / saturday nights. i've only ever seen The Triplets of Belleville, which is the same style as the illusionist, but not done by him.