Sunday, November 21, 2010

craft date: sewing with friends ♥

hello lovely!
wow. we have done so much this week! i have so many blog posts to share with you. all in good time....but first... 
bonnie from creations by bonnybee came over for a sewing date. bonnie and i have known each other since 1st grade and both grew up to love crafting. since we both blog, craft, and sell our creations, we thought it would be fun to team up on a project. for our craft date bonnie brought over materials to make jersey endless scarves. i've worn mine just about every day since we made them. the project was fun and easy to do! part of the fun was seeing the differences in our "creative process."  you might not get as much done when you craft with a friend, but it is definitely fun to work with someone who shares your same passion. here are some photos from our craft date. i highly recommend having one yourself! 
alyssa renee 

our sewing machines are friends now

captain helped too. actually he just sat at my feet and was scared of the sewing machine

for step by step instructions and more photos of our project and many more, head on over to bonnie's craft blog!

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