Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: a look back

2013 was good to us.
here are some highlights (and one very sad lowlight) from the year.

Niles discovered why he does't grow a mustache. 

I added to my collection.

this happened. 

and this happened too. 

i lost my brother at the dear old age of 18 1/2.

this angel turned one. 
(and announced she is going to be a big sister)

we sent this lovely lady off into marital bliss...

to marry one of my best friends. 

I continued making sweet memories with my amazing family

we got season passes to Dollywood and had a BALLIN' good time!

We welcomed a new addition to our friend group.

I started my own business with the help of these lovely ladies.

I grew closer with friends...

and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for the memories, 2013.
What does 2014 bring? 

-my premier craft fair
-a trip to Europe with my husband
-indie rock baby #2
-arcade fire concert! 
-and much much more

Happy New Year, Lovely!