Sunday, August 19, 2012


hello lovely,
well it's been over a week since we returned from our grand european vacation. i figured it was time to check back in on the ol' blog. we had such an amazing adventure. so many beautiful sites with even more beautiful people. we were so blessed to experience such love from our ulster family. honestly, it was so wonderful being with them i wish we would have stayed there longer. london was expensive but one of the best cities i've visited yet. and we got to go to the harry potter studio tour! amazing! then we spent a lovely few nights with some friends from home in paris. honestly that city would have been a bust without them. (not a big paris fan) then ashley and i got to spend some quality time in munich and salzburg. it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. i took over 500 photos so this it was hard to slim them down. i hope they inspire you to make the time to get out of your everyday routine and experience something new. it is well worth it.
alyssa renee

a dream come true

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