Sunday, July 15, 2012


hello lovely,
i have a few pictures here and there from some recent events, but not enough to make a full blog post on. so i decided to give you bits and pieces of the last few weeks. july 4th, a mini roadtrip with my mister on our way to a family reunion, and our friend's birthday party.  my sister and i are a week out from our trip to europe. i can't wait. we are visiting our friend laura in ireland, then jumping over to london just in time for the olympic chaos, staying with a friend in paris, then on the germany for a few days, and ending in austria with the sound of music tour. the trip of a lifetime. i'm sure there will be plenty of posts about it when we return. i also worked on a diy project i've been trying to make for a long time. i'll have a post on this tomorrow. seriously, i've been looking to buy this forever and finally broke down and made it myself.
wish me luck this week. work is going to be tough as i get ready for my 2 weeks off. it is so hard to get away.
alyssa renee


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