Wednesday, July 18, 2012

antique window ideas

hello lovely,
we had a shoot over at a salvage yard today for work and i found a vintage window treasure trove! there were several over there in good shape and the price was only $5 per window. the husband is going to screen in part of our deck while i'm away. i'm thinking i will do something special to my new window and hang in in our new screened in porch. here are a few ideas i've found to inspire me.
alyssa renee 

so many options! here is the window i found

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  1. I found a whole lot of free ones next to a dumpster at a new window store here in Birmingham(guessing they replace people's windows and haul off the old ones for them??)Either way I filled up my trunk with as many as would fit. I am thinking I will have to use them somehow for wedding decor!