Friday, March 2, 2012

favorite things: instagram

hello lovely,
i was looking through my phone and realizing how much of my life i've chosen to capture in these often blurry small square photos. it is pretty funny to look back on my life through these images. i went through and picked out some of my favorite ones for you. i really can't pinpoint what exactly it is i love most about this free phone app. but it is sort of addicting. i find i check it multiple times a day. i also find it fun to look at my life through this lens. i find myself thinking of photo ideas that represent these tiny moments in my life and instantly sharing them. niles and i were just talking about this last night. we feel like we are living in the future! i can actually video chat someone now. i feel like i'm in the jetsons. these kids these days will never understand how surreal that is to us old folks. any who, i digress. enjoy the instagrams. sort of a photographic journey into the last 8 months of my life.
alyssa renee

my first instagram pic in one of the first nights in our house

unfiltered by the way. we walked outside and the world actually looked like this. it was amazing.

my most favorite one

unfiltered again. such a fantastic flower. 

and then there was this.

if you don't use this app you should give it a whirl. so far it is my favorite. 


  1. I have this app on my phone and have played with it very little. You have inspired me to pay it some more attention! Always love your life photos :)

  2. thanks! it is super fun. probably my most favorite