Sunday, December 4, 2011

our house: a design in progress

hello lovely,
we've been in the house for months now but i still haven't posted any pictures of the finished product. well, that is because it still isn't styled exactly the way i'd like it to be ultimately... but it looks cute enough to share a few! and since it is christmas there are a few cute christmas things for you to enjoy too. we love our new home. it is just right for us. we have plenty of space to entertain guests, and captain especially loves all the space to run around. here are a few pics of our humble abode. 
alyssa renee 

living room

my craft room

guest bath
we actually got this adorable card from our boss and his wife. it was too cute to throw away!

guest bedroom

the holiday wreath i made for the front door



the guest board

our bedroom

and just a bonus... i found this on a blog i read...

take a tension curtain rod and hand your spray bottles on it under the sink. it saves a ton of room!

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