Friday, July 29, 2011

mod thursdays (yes I know today is friday)

hello lovely,
it is official. we will get internet the week of august 8th. thank goodness! then i will be able to blog regularly again! i can't wait. i have so many things to share with you. i've been taking photos for several blog segments while i've been away: our house before shots, 2 style blog sessions, maternity pics for my coworker katie, and a LOT of wedding crafts. so get excited, i know i am. yesterday i decided to start something interactive on the blog. i like to think of it as a movement. i challenge each of you to participate in "mod thursday." every thursday wear your best mod attire. it can be as simple as wings in your eyeliner, or as bold as a full ensemble. i did it yesterday and it was awesome. i already have my friend jessica on board for next week. i think it will be even more fun if you post your mod thursday photos on the mice and birds facebook page. that way everyone can see them. i've already posted mine from yesterday. (style blog featuring this look coming soon...) so, will you participate? think it is a fun challenge? let me know!
alyssa renee

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