Wednesday, June 29, 2011

decorating inspirations


hello lovely,
niles and i are about to buy our first home tomorrow! i am beyond ready to get started decorating. it will take some time i'm sure, but once it is all done i'll share some photos. maybe i'll do a blog series of the process. who knows! for now i'm having fun getting inspired to decorate. i'm really in to midcentury modern. i hope i can incorporate it into our home wherever possible. i think the main way i will do this is with vintage pieces, and my curtains. i want to use geometric prints and create my own looks. so much to do! luckily i have a craft room i can work in and close the door when i need to take a break. here are some images that are inspiring me at the moment.
alyssa renee


i love the colorful chairs here. I have a similar table. maybe i'll make my table pop with a bright accent color.

i have 2 tables just like this! might be a nice touch to my living room

i can't wait to organize my craft space. i want lovely shelves with mason jars filled with materials. i also want a giant cork board filled with clippings. my own inspiration wall. 

niles has two old book cases. maybe i can paint them white and do something similar in the back! 

i LOVE the this room.
the textures, the color scheme, the furniture. 
all of it. 

this will be a LONG way in the future, but maybe one day our patio will look like this...

my photo wall is what i'm looking forward to the most. 

and on a random organizational note...


this isn't decorating, but it is a genius idea for space saving under the sink!

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