Wednesday, June 15, 2011

bonnaroo 2011

hello lovely,
this past weekend we went to bonnaroo for the 2nd time. it was fun, but boy was it exhausting. the temperature was 91, not to mention the heat index! goodness. i felt like my brain was boiling. it was so hot the paint melted on my watch. ouch. somehow we didn't get a sunburn! great success. friday night was by far my favorite night. we got a great spot for my morning jacket and arcade fire. arcade fire was definitely my favorite. they played all my favorite songs and rocked them out with such energy! it was one of the happiest moments of my life. i will remember it always. on saturday we rested most of the day and attempted to see some shows. i really feel like they weren't prepared for the 100,000 people that were there. you couldn't even walk anywhere, let alone sit down and enjoy a show like you could in years past. the worst part? the water pressure would go down so much you could only get a trickle at the filling stations! it was scary. saturday night we finally got some rain. it had been a dust bowl the entire time. unfortunately someone burst into my friend's tent, broke her tent door, then took a dump in the middle of her bed! i still can't believe that happened. poor thing. at first i laughed out loud, then i realized how horrific that must have been for her! overall, it wasn't as good as 2009, but i wouldn't trade seeing that arcade fire show for anything.
here are some pictures from the event.
alyssa renee





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