Sunday, June 5, 2011

better late than never

hello lovely!
i've been so busy and it is only getting worse. at least all my busy things are fun things. i've gone to nashville two weekends in a row, going to bonnaroo this week, then off to cincinnati, then down to atlanta! AND during that time i have to get my house appraised, print and mail out invitations, pack AND move, and get my insurance for my house in order. i'm a very busy little bee :( luckily i have niles to help me.
here are some pictures from a few things you've missed while i've been a bad blogger :(
alyssa renee

bubbie and i tie-dyed and she got gangrene.

my favorite kiddos had a birthday so i made tie-dye soda cake!

raychull got a tattoo!

niles and i spent memorial day in nashville and had a grand time

my cousin heather got married! oh and bubbie got an adorable haircut :)
this summer is off to a busy, but great start.

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