Sunday, May 8, 2011

a day in pictures

hello lovely,
happy mother's day! what a great weekend this has been. my moon my man's momma came to visit. we had a jam packed weekend! friday was first friday and niles' played in market square for a few hours. checkout his music if you get a chance. free downloads :) then on saturday we went to the clinton antique festival. it was awesome. i got everything on my list: vintage bakeware, table cloths, and even a few extra items for our new house. i decided to make the day a "day in pictures" to share with you all. 
alyssa renee 

this entire table was nothing but broaches. i nearly had a heart attack i was so excited. 

i was way excited about this bakeware

niles found a few things he liked too

our favorite couple came too :)

loved the classic cars

i want this car at our wedding!

my fellow old lady friend :)

my new button jar

all my loot!

the day was made all the better because i got to be with my sweetie

then we went to a mother's day dinner at granny's church. so blessed to spend the evening with some of my favorite women

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