Monday, January 3, 2011


hello lovely,
hope you all had a merry christmas and happy new year :)
the family went on vacation and it was fantastic. photos to come... BUT i wanted to share with my my favorite christmas present! mom and dad got me a cricut! i am so exctied. it took me three tries to print the word thanks correctly, but i did it. can't wait to learn how to use this well. it is going to be a fantastic tool for my hair accessories. i took a few pictures and may or may not have already named is buttercup... because i'm obsessed...

i made myself a lovely crafting space in my room i'm super excited to finally have a space to craft and not leave the living room table covered in supplies

i love it and i love you :)
alyssa renee 

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  1. OMG may we please have a crafty date soon so we can play with this?!!!!!! Pretty please!!!