Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{ favorite things: etsy edition }

hello lovely,
well the doggie and i had a rough week. i left him in the kitchen thinking, "hey this will be nice, he can walk around a bit." boy did he... he somehow got on the counters ate an entire bag of chocolate chips, and a sponge. then escaped the kitchen, ate some dried flowers, ran upstairs got into my roommate's room, ate two shoes, and called it a day. he was nutty all night long from the "Caffeine Acid Trip" he was on. my night ended with me breaking down in tears and screaming. good news though, now he is mega calm and sleeping in his crate.  now i sit on my couch watching v for vendetta to celebrate the upcoming holiday, and looking at all the things i want on etsy :) here are a few...

alyssa renee 

Pastel Penny Ring

i bet i could make this one

Modern Cake Toppers Fabric Love Birds Blue Cotton with red wood heart

love birds cake topper

just married banner

ooo i want to make this too!

Herman Miller Eames Fiberglass Armchair Rocker

i bet this would look good in my future home

Impala Industrial Retro Desk /and Chair

and this too

S I S K I N ....Single parent bird and nest family...oxidized sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklace...

and a lovely necklace to finish the list.

happy hump day :)

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