Saturday, October 2, 2010

{ quiet }

shhh... do you hear that? it is the sound of nothing at all :) enjoying a quiet saturday morning after a quiet friday night. doggie is laying beside me snoozing (rare for him to be still), empty cereal bowl to my right, warm cocoa to my left. this is a moment i wanted to cherish.

i leave you with a few lovely things i found in my daily blog hunt.

alyssa renee

Sheet Music Bunting

this will be at my wedding for sure

Bride and Groom with giant balloons

same wedding, how adorable is this!?

might have to make some of these for our photo booth

Milomade Button Chokers

i'm a sucker for cute button crafts

okay... who's gonna make these for me?

side note: i'm really happy to have her home :) happy saturday everyone!

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