Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{ favorite things: time with grandparents }

hello lovely,
the bubbie and i went camping with granny and papa this weekend! we had a blast :) growing up we spent the night with grandma and grandpa all the time, but not as much at granny and papa's. it was such a great trip. this summer they bought a pop-up camper and went out west. the camper is definitely the way to go for fall time camping. we stayed nice and warm all night. we camped just outside of the smoky mountain national park. the leaves were amazing and the campground was lovely. on sunday morning we took a drive into cades cove and stopped at all the cabins and churches along the way. papa loves one church on the way in so i was sure to get lots of pictures. inside my granny looked through the hymns scattered across the top of an old piano. i loved listening to her sing the tunes as she lifted each one 

here are some of the snap shots of the day. 

side note: though unhealthy, papa looks so regal when he smokes his pipe :)

alyssa renee  

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