Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Custom Order for Shannon

hello lovely!

This post is primarily for Shannon to see, but I thought I'd share the progress with all. Shannon is marrying Brandon in October and asked me to make her wedding and reception flowers. Of course I was thrilled :) The reception flower has proved to be harder to find but after several trips to area craft stores I think I have found the perfect wedding flower!

Shannon: Would you like feathers or pearls added? Or do you like it just the flower? I made a blue backing (a little secret something blue) I plan in sewing a hair comb to it as well. Give me feedback :)

Side View: This is just sitting on the blue backing, you won't actually be able to see the blue when you wear it.
Size Comparison

Back with Blue Patch

Separate Pieces

Flower :)

hope you love it!
alyssa renee

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  1. I love this! I love the something blue. What a wonderful touch! Sorry I didn't respond but I have been out of town for several days. Pearls might be a great idea. My necklace should be ready in a couple of weeks and then I can see what that looks like before we had the pearls.This is really what I had in mind. I can't wait to try it on.

    Thanks so much Alyssa! Btw, I am so happy for you and Niles. Enjoy your engagement and soak it all in. It is amazing time in your life.